Tactical Belt

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Designed for Tactical Kilts yet flexible enough for other garment types

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OUR MISTAKE IS YOUR OPPORTUNITY.  When we designed this belt we did not take into account proper measurements of the buckle as compared to the kilt belt loops.  The buckle has to be removed before putting the belt on.  

Due to this error in measurement we are offering these belts at our cost just to clear some space.

UPDATE: We are sold out of black belts and do not anticipate getting any more in the near future.

These belts have been made especially to complement the TactiKilt:





The TactiKilt belt buckle was designed to be large.  The buckle does not fit through the belt loops of the TactiKilt.  To wear the belt, remove the male part of the buckle, thread the belt through the TactiKilt, put the buckle back on, and fasten. 

Not by coincidence, the TactiKilt belt makes a great gun belt.  It fits through most OWB holsters and is stiff enough to hold your weapon comfortably.


Available Colors:



(Green and camo not available at this time) 



Material: Nylon


Width: 2.1inches

Convenient release buckles

Hook & loop size adjustment can be quickly adjusted

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