About us

Our company

  TactiKilts was created from a lifelong desire to be different.  Our favorite saying is, "Why be Normal?"

 When people ask us why we wear a kilt, the answer is always: "Why not?"

It's hard to argue with that logic (or lack of).

Most of our product line is from the TactiKilt line.  Where suppliers that meet our criteria are identified we have partnered with them to supply their products to you with the same commitment we hold to our own branded products.



Our mission is to deliver quality products that are durable, affordable and serve a purpose while providing exceptional client satisfaction. 

Our secondary mission is to help others.  TactiKilt donates 5% of our profit to some very worthy cause.  For more info please see our Charity page. 


TactiKilt is a proud member of the Brotherhood of the Kilt. 

You can visit the forums at www.kiltsrock.com for lively discussion and learning about all things kilt related and more.