Would you be interested in a tactical kilt made from US Army multicam fabric?

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THEY ARE READY TO GO!  New Hybrid TactiKilt with Detachable Pockets.  Direct link here


As if you needed another reason to wear a kilt, Popular Science recently published this article.


TactiKilts are being worn around the world!

Simply put, an unbifurcated garment is a kilt.  The kilt has been a traditional garment in Scotland and Ireland for hundreds of years. 

Recently the kilt has gained attention as a practical alternative to pants.  The kilt offers freedom of movement and one other advantage over pants:  ventilation.

Traditionally made of wool or wool-blend fabrics kilts can be heavy and expensive.  TactiKilt has produced a line of kilts made of heavy-duty cotton that are comfortable, durable and long-lasting.

People often ask, "but what about pockets?" To solve the storage problem our tactical kilts have three pockets.  One cargo pocket per side and a rear wallet pocket.  

And of course, what is a tactical kilt without a tactical sporran?  Check out our entirely new line of sporrans: modern, useful, tactical.



* When asked the most common question the proper answer is "Nothing".   Our answer: use common sense and don't risk overexposure.



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March 1, 2016

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